IJMB Registration Form

ijmb registration form

IJMB Registration Form

The registration form for IJMB is available, we are going to take you through the steps of applying for the programme for these ongoing session. Candidates are advised to fill the IJMB registration form correctly as this information is going to be used during the programme

What Is IJMB

Steps In Applying For IJMB Registration Form

Proceed to the registration page


  1. The first step is to pay online for the form using your Debit/Credit Card by following the link below; it’ll open in a new tab. Do ensure you come back to this page and scroll down (you’ll be redirected back to this page after successful payment using paystack) to fill your form online and then click on the “REGISTER” button. Once you’ve clicked on the “REGISTER” button, it’ll change to “PROCESSING”; kindly wait till you get a message saying “Thanks For Registering With ALEVELS LINKS PRIME….”. Ensure you wait so that you won’t submit multiple entries.
  2. Once you have made payment and you have filled and submitted your biodata, you’ll be sent your admission letter almost immediately. In case there’s any delay do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. In all things, always call us immediately you’ve made payment.
  3. Note that registration/payment can be done on any device be it Mobile phone or the desktop so far it’s connected to the internet. Also, you’re paying online for the registration form using your Debit/Credit card; ensure that your card is activated to perform the online transaction. If you don’t have you can always use a friend’s card or family’s cards or better still you go to any cyber cafe around you. They’ll help you out on how to make payment. When you’re filling your First Name, Last Name, Email Address & Phone Number when making payment online ensure it’s the same as the one you’ll use when filling your registration form. Irrespective of whose card you’re using always ensure you fill your details appropriately. This is to ease the confirmation of your payment.
  4. Payment online is easy, fast and secure. There’s transparency in our online payment method and based on popular demand we have chosen PAYSTACK as our merchant to handle all online transactions. You can also make Deposit/Transfer into our official account if you find it difficult using our online channel.
  5. On our busiest days, it can take 2 to 4 hours before you get your admission letter via your email; the email will include other few details you need to know as an IJMB student. Make sure you have a working e-mail address you have access to.
  6. When you’re resuming make sure you come along with your O’Level Result(s) and recent passport photographs. It’s very important.
  7. You’ll be sent Registration slip and admission letter via your email. Ensure you print out and submit both when resuming at your study centre.

The total fees you will be paying through your IJMB programme with us in any of our centre is #208,000 till you write your final examination which is always due by February every year. You can see the break down of the fees at IJMB programme fee

Finally, we should call you to ask you if you have any question or clarification you want us to answer or make

Have a question about IJMB registration? Please go through many questions we have answered HERE
List of University accepting IJMB result at the list of Nigerian universities accepting IJMB

What are our current school fees and hostel fee? Please click IJMB SCHOOL FEES

We advise all students to read our IJMB FAQ page, please do read it thoroughly.



What you should know about IJMB; click  Here

All universities accepting IJMB see List of universities accepting IJMB result

Which account number to pay the #8,750 IJMB form to? Click IJMB account number for registration

What is IJMB programme? Find read what is IJMB

When will the lecture start? Click here for IJMB resumption date

Why IJMB Registration Form? The Registration Benefits

IJMB registration has many benefits, and the below are a benefit if you should register for IJMB:

  • You won’t need to write JAMB, anymore before you can admission into Nigerian universities
  • You are going be admitted into 200 level after the IJMB programme
  • The chances of you gaining admission into Nigerian universities is way higher with IJMB registration because only a few people know about the IJMB programme. About 20.000 people sit for IJMB examination every year only JAMB with the registration of about 1.7 million yearly
  • IJMB result does not expire, you can use it even after 20 years to use it to gain admission unlike JAMB that you need to write every year
  • You get tips on what to expect in your universities days when you already gain admission into Nigerian university, it will not be new to you again because you have gone through IJMB registration, IJMB admission and new securing admission into 200 level after passing IJMB examination.
  • IJMB has no limitation, you will just be the same people who use JAMB to gain admission when you get to 200 level. No difference between the different entry mode

The Breakdown Of IJMB Tuition Fee

School fees = #130,000
Hostel fee = #40,000
Textbooks = #30,000

Read when is IJMB registration closing to know if you can still register for this ongoing session or not
Please never pay any amount of physical cash to anyone. Please be warned not to call any number than the following ones; 08070580288 OR 08161139720 OR EMAIL US AT [email protected]

All payment should be made to the following account details.
Account Number: 0543864243
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Please read when are IJMB lectures starting for this ongoing session, so that you can make a rightful decision on when to register for IJMB

If you have already registered for IJMB, the next thing to do now is to start coming to your IJMB centres for lectures, you can pay the minimum payment of about #140,000 or you can pay it to the account below before coming for security reasons.

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